About Us

Established in 2013, ProTech IT Solutions is your local One-Stop Computer Store. We sell New, Pre-Owned & Refurbished Laptops, Computers & Mobile Phones. Our Caroline Springs & Sunshine North stores stock all the top brands like Hp, Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, Asus, Sony, Samsung, Acer, MSI and many more. We are also one of the leading Notebook device repairers for Laptops, Desktop’s, PCs and phones. You can bring your device in-store or have the option of our staff come to YOU!

Winner of 2021 Innovation Award !

We take great pleasure in being the finest at what we do at ProTech. The foundation of ProTech is the notion that technology ought to empower and streamline people's lives. To give you a great customer experience, we must always strive for excellence and optimise our processes and results. ProTech works with top-tier businesses to ensure that your technological assets are at their absolute best.

Why choose ProTech?

At ProTech, experience meets innovation. Our specialists bring a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences to the table. We consider our experience to be out utmost asset, you can be assured you're in good hands. 

With ProTech, you can expect more than just great service. Our company's core values Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Diversity are at the forefront of all business we conduct. 

Integrity: We make an effort to conduct ourselves in an honest, moral, and honourable manner and to act morally at all times. Our guiding principle is honesty—always and without reservation. Our capacity for moral behaviour is a prerequisite for success.

Accountability: The verb "empower" enables us to embrace change while also getting rid of useless things. When we feel empowered and accountable for our actions, we can make decisions and move quickly. Failure is something we realise is inevitable. Nevertheless, these are opportunities to gain valuable knowledge, acknowledge our involvement in the failure, and take part in the recovery process.

Innovation: Our major objective is to generate novel concepts and transform them into workable solutions. Innovation is appreciated more highly than tradition. We innovate to deliver excellent client value, bolster our position as a leader in our industry, and enhance internal performance. Problems that seem "impossible" may be solved with the right motivation, experimentation, and technology.

Diversity: Diversity. Inclusion. For us, they are more than simply words. They serve as our guiding principles for developing leaders, forming effective teams, and creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable. The culture of ProTech is varied, and we respect and value all cultures and ways of life without prejudice.

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