Mobile phone & Device Repairs

At ProTech, we offer professional device repair services. All our repairs come with 6 months warranty giving you a complete peace of mind! We offer repairs for Phones, Tablets, iPads, watches, tablets Gaming Consoles and many more. With the state of the art technology and partners, we are able to supply quality original authentic parts for our repairs.

No job is too big or too small, ProTech can fix it all! 

Why Would You Pick ProTech for Repairs?
See some of the unique things we do for you below.

Apple Watch Repair- Our process is refined in such a way that allows us to perform authentic repairs on Apple watches that most other repair stores will refuse to go near.

OEM or Aftermarket - Our goal is to enable you to choose what we use to repair your laptop, original or aftermarket.

We repair phones, tablets, and electronic equipment that cannot be fixed by other repairers!

FREE technical assistance on any issue in clear English.

In-House experienced Technicians.

Any Questions? We're always here to help!